100 Cities for the Peace is an international movement, chaired by the Princess Nora of Liechtenstein, that promotes the alliance of the civil society from cities of the whole world with the aim to identify the good practices, recognize their social dimension and spread globally their example.


With the study of the best social initiatives and their international recognition, our main work with the cities, institutions and persons most committed with the Culture of Peace is the global communication of this good practices, convinced that the example is the engine of change in any culture and latitude.  


We promote in the whole world the values based on the Millennium Development Goals of the UN, which are based on three big challenges: the right of life, the social justice and the respect for the environment.

We are convinced that the good communication of the social initiatives  produces a multiplier effect of "positive contagions", consolidating the meaning of the motto that we propose:


"Do ut des"

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